with Spoonies

Spooning with Spoonies
Creative Director
Spring 2020 - Present

branding, visual identity, social media,
art direction, and photography

* all photos by Maya Coplin

Spooning with Spoonies is a podcast that creates space for people to discuss dating with a chronic illness. The podcast interviews a diverse group of spoonies about their relationships and dating adventures. It highlights host Noa Porten’s story while using social media to facilitate discussion and create a sense of community around these topics.

I worked with podcast host Noa Porten to create the brand strategy, visual identity, copy writing, and photography for the podcast. I created visuals that were bold and unapologetic to differentiate the podcast from other chronic illness influencers.

Photo by: Sylvie Tittel

The Brand

The visual identity of SWS uses bold typography and quirky photography that brings to light an underrepresented topic in an approachable way. Unlike other chronic illness brands, SWS is the opposite of clinical. It plays off of phrases from the dating world/dating apps. It positions Noa as an honest influencer going on her journey along with her audience. While the brand assets direct the viewer back to the podcast, they also create space for conversations among the chronic illness community.


Art Direction

I photographed and art directed these pictures based off scenarios that have happened to podcast host Noa Porten and other members of the SWS community. The imagery is meant to be comical and eye catching through the use of bold colors and highly staged sets.