What We Need to Do Our Best Work

Creative Direction, Editorial Design, Infographic Design, Research, Photography

In collaboration with Future Front Texas (Formerly BossbabesATX) Copy Writing by Jane Claire Hervey.

What We Need to Do Our Best Work is a zine created for BBATX exploring the kinds of environments that help us thrive. BBATX is a nonprofit that creates a low-pressure learning community, celebrating women and nonbinary creatives, leaders, and entrepreneurs in Texas.

The zine visualizes a 2019 study conducted by the BBATX team on the needs of the community. It combines qualitative and quantitative data into a comprehensive guide featuring interviews and photos of prominent leaders in the organization’s network.  

Zine is available for purchase here. 

Surveying next generation of Texan leaders 

From November 2019 to April 2020, the BBATX team and I surveyed 310 women and nonbinary people in our programs to learn more about what they’re facing as creatives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders in Texas. From their self-reported data, we were able to develop a snapshot of their top five environmental needs.
The survey was distributed at in person events hosted by BBATX as well as through social media marketing specifically on Instagram.

Based on our research, we found our community needs supportive communities, mentorship, inclusive and diverse spaces, confidence in their work, and visibility within their community.

Distributing the information

The zine features the data from the survey, 5 interviews supporting the claims from the survey with anecdotal evidence, as well as a guide with information on how to do your best work. 
The zine uses bold and contrasting colors to bring the data to life. Due to COVID-19 all of the portraits were taken in the front yard of the interviewee.  

The zine was created as a way to communicate the information to the BBATX community. It is sold on their website and given to new members of the organization. 

Buy the full guide here.