It’s Personal

Modeling and interviews by: Jacqui Briddell,
Rochelle Friedewald, Allegra Gonzalez-Abreu,
Onaje McDowelle, Madeline Graham,
Olivia Hardick, Kristina Nguyen,
Imienfan Uhunmwuangho, Andie Kent

* all photos taken by Maya Coplin

It’s Personal is a publication exploring self-expression through style. The maga­zine documents my friends and how they choose to style themselves on a daily basis.  

I photographed 10 friends in their fa­vorite outfits in locations that emphasized their aesthetic. Alongside each photoshoot was an interview discussing the process they go through when styling themselves in relation to their identity.

The editorial design is heavily influenced by the photoshoots. The typography pairs with the personality of the photography. The book feels fun and inviting to the reader.